Technology Leadership

The leading technologists in alternative asset management are members in AITEC.   You will have access to listen, participate and ask experienced CTOs and CIOs for their technical opinions on important matters in your organization.  You will be able to validate the opinions of vendors to opinions of AITEC members.  Today, about 90% of AITEC's membership are senior technical professionals.      

Peer to Peer Forums

AITEC hosts several global forums that range from cross-functional forums to bespoke forums.  Your participation in forums is based on your role within your organization.  You will be placed into more than one forum and will have immediate access to unbiased opinions from your peers.    

Survey Information

AITEC has an institutional survey tool for large and small surveys.  AITEC conducts annual technology and compensation surveys for members.  In addition, you may ask AITEC to conduct a bespoke survey of members on a topic important to your organization.   Recent surveys available to AITEC members are Build verse Buy, SSL Decryption and DLP, IAAS (Cloud), Next Generation Endproduct and Managed Cyber Security Systems.


AITEC-AIMA DDQ has been widely adopted by global vendors and as an AITEC member, you will have access to the AITEC-AIMA DDQ template.  This standard document will allow you to perform vendor due diligence efficiently and methodically using a tool that was created by experience technicians at AITEC and AIMA. 

Vendor Information & Discounts

AITEC has developed relationships with many global vendors and will advocate accordingly on behalf of the Members.  You will have access to the Vendor Library which lists all vendors supplying the AITEC-AIMA DDQ in the market.  Furthermore, you will be eligible to receive benefits from both institutional well-branded vendors to small less known vendors.

AITEC Events

AITEC routinely organizes networking events to allow members to collaborate on trends, practices and events.  AITEC events are in a less formal setting in the evening.  Typically, these events will have interesting content on relevant topic, dinner and cocktails.  There is usually a nominal fee to attend.  Our last event was on Blockchain Technology in September 2016.